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Baber, T. T. (forthcoming) ‘Early Travellers and the Animal ‘Mummy Pits’ of Egypt: Exploration and Exploitation of the Animal Catacombs in the Early Age of Travel’ In S. Ikram & S. Porcier (eds.) Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Animals in Ancient Egypt (1st-3rd June 2016). Leiden: Sidestone Press.

Baber, T. T. (2017) 'O Cymru i Wlad y Nîl: Teithwyr Cymreig yn yr Aifft [From Wales to the Land of the Nile: Welsh Travellers in Egypt]' in N. Cooke & V. Daubney (eds.) Lost and Now Found: Explorers, Diplomats and Artists in Egypt and the Near East: 25-48.

Baber, T. T. (2016) ‘Ancient Corpses as Curiosities: Mummymania in the Age of Early Travel’ JAEI 8: 60-93. 


ASTENE Bulletin 72 (Winter 2017)

ASTENE Bulletin 66 (Winter 2015)

ASTENE Bulletin 67 (Spring 2016)