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'The 'Mummy Pits' of Ancient Egypt: The Long-Kept Secret of Early Travellers'



      A little over a century ago, burials known simply as ‘mummy pits’ were a common and characteristic feature of Egypt’s burial landscape. These ‘pits’ contained mass burials of mummies piled-up in such great numbers, that it is surprising that they now appear to have disappeared from the archaeological record.

     The only sources which appear to describe these burials are the accounts left by early travellers who ventured to Egypt between the 16th and early 20th centuries. These accounts reveal that the mummy pits were long-exploited as a source of souvenirs and for material to manufacture mummy-based products such as paper and fertilizer, providing some explanation as to why so few of these burials survive to the modern day. Although this exploitation has led to a significant loss of data, these early travel accounts provide sufficient detail to permit the reconstruction of this burial rite, as well as potentially allowing for the relocation of a number of mummy pit burials in the field.

      This talk presents the results of an ongoing research project into the nature of the mummy pits, and considers whether they simply represent a collection of mass-burial events — perhaps the result of conflict or epidemic, or whether instead they may provide evidence for a now long-forgotten burial custom used by the poor in the latest periods of ancient Egyptian history.

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